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Digital services and consulting for starting and developing online business
Hello, nice to meet you here. If you are on this page, then most likely you are the owner or head of business, manager or entrepreneur. I'll tell you about who we are and how we can help you.

Vitalii Tsys
Art Director Uni Consulting

• Team of specialists in digital environment, design and marketing
• 7 years we advise entrepreneurs and organizations how to start and promote online business
• 5 years we create landing pages, funpages and selling websites for our clients
• 4 years we are working in marketing, we set up advertising and build funnels of sales and other subjects on the market
• 2 years we make various videos for youtube channel
• More than a year we train online specialists and help the teams of our clients to work more efficiently
Who we are and what are we doing
Speeches and Publications
Passed training programs
How we can help you:
Business and marketing consulting
We organized more than 40 consultations in the last few months, where entrepreneurs and business leaders came with questions and went away with an action plan.

Here are some popular questions and tasks that we can help you to solve:

- What should I do if I want to start a business?
- How can I get more customers and more sales?
- How do I get my business online and start selling?
- How can I be better than opponents?
- Why is my website unprofitable and what should I do to increase the sales?
Landing pages, corporate sites, catalogs and fan page
We created more than 100 websites, landing pages and selling pages with a budget of $100 to $15,000.

Thanks to clients from different countries and with different income levels, we have learned to work with any budget, so you can simply write what you want and what budget is for the project, and we will recomend and implement the most effective option.

Here are some of our works that we're proud of:
Web design, branding and design outsourcing
The challenge for designers is to make everything beautiful, convenient, understandable and effective they get in tasks. We can create or redesign for you:
Branding identity
Marketing kits
Commercial offers
POS materials
Сertificates and diplomas
Web pages
Business cards
Widgets and mobile apps
Tickets and gift cards
Youtube video covers
Social media branding
Here is some examples from our portfolio, but you can ask for non-standard tasks, we love challenges! Payment of services can be per hoer rate or for the project.

Order design
Advertising setting, optimisation and management
Any, even the best site or offer is worthless if people, your potential customers, subscribers, and leads don't know about them. We will select traffic sources, draw a banner, and configure ads for you in:
The first experience in advertising and spent on it dollars is like the first relationship.
Facebook, instagram, youtube, vk, google - there are all clients you need. We help clients get them and talk about their product.
Why advertising management needs? Marketer helps to optimize and improve your ads to supply you with more targeted traffic. The marketer during the advertising management will save you the budget, check analytics, make site + advertising work to work max efficiently.

Web analytics, market research and A / B tests
We will analyze and find the weaknesses in your online business. Uni Consulting team will help to identify and eliminate problems with site, sales system, customer service, etc. Will make your business more efficient and competitive!

An important stage will be: setting up web analytics. Google Analytics and Yandex metrics are like the eyes of your website - they will tell you everything about your visitors and customers. Google Tag Manager helps you easily manage all the Tags and add new ones, without the need to know the code. A set of goals in analytics will help to understand how effective your pages and landing page are in a few seconds.

We work with:
Business automation, digital funnels and chatbots
When you have no time to process all customers, want to automate communication and sales, understand that new technologies can multiply your results and release your time, you should launch the "smart" marketing system.

It is built on funnels, lead magnets, inbound marketing, product launch formula. We have been studying and implementing automatic sales funnels and chat bots for 2 years and can help you with it.
We can help you:
- Develop the right marketing strategy
- Configure the necessary services and applications
- Create chatbot architecture and scripts in facebook messenger or telegram
- Write a series of letters / messages
- Technically configure bots
- We will give 100% popular and working sales funnels

Video production, scenario, post production and Youtube promotion
Video is one of the most effective ways to talk with your audience. Tell about yourself, explain, sell, and motivate. Video includes both audio and visual channel + is convenient to use. In one minute video you can tell more than in longread page.
We can do for you:

• Video editing
• Video consulting and assistance in scenario, strategy and photography
• Youtube channel promotion
• Video covers for facebook groups
• Choose and modify effects

Work examples:
Integration and tuning of CRM system - AmoCRM
Easy interface
AmoCRM is very intuitive and does not require special skills. You can start work from the first day without big integration and education programs.
Quick start
We can connect the system and configure it in one day.
Omni channel communication
The ability to capture all leads, calls, chats, emails, messages in one place. Also ability to answer to all channels from one place.
Sales automation
New versions of AmoCRM have powerful automation tools from automated sms and mails to facebook remarketing for even one specific client
Powerfull system upgrades
AmoCRM provides dozens of ready-made widgets and an open web api. It gives you ability to make full adapted CRM to your business.
Sales funnels
You can track the whole work process and statuses with your clients from the first contact to the post-sales support. Also the system will remind you next actions to every client.
Building your personal brand
Good practice for professionals who want to promote themselves on the Internet. Coaches, teachers, business trainers, consultants, experts, businessmen. The best result we achieved was when only one personal brand post brought $ 3900 to our client from his clients.
We can help you:
- Find your strengths for personal branding
- Design and present your brand to the market
- We will create the correct positioning of you as an expert
- Design for your social networks and personal web page
Bringing business to the Ukrainian and Russian markets
We are from Ukraine and know how the Russian-speaking mentality works, what are the specificity in language, people, traditions, and sales strategies. What sites and platforms more popular in that countries and how to ads there.

Just imagine: Ukraine is near 45 millions people and Russia is over 147 millions with internet penetration rate near 74%. Large internet activity, specific social networks, which in some regions much more popular than facebook or tweeter. For example has over 97 millions active users.
We can help you:
- Create a strategy to enter the market
- Explore the market
- Translate and localize text and offers
- Find and train specialists in these countries
- Set up a system of sales and online communication
- Create a clear and transparent reporting and remote management system

Coaching, online education and trainings for you or your team
We are entrepreneurs and experts in digital marketing. We will teach you the most important thing: "Act" and act effectively.
If you have people, but they need a project manager, or you want to create a team from a group of people, or you want to have clear structured business processes - we can make it for you. Come to us or send your employees for training.

Work formats:
Get advice or business and marketing consulting (when it is necessary to understand what to do and how to do it better)
Digital services
Order our services (if you need one time project or to solve some problems)
Hiring us for part-time employment for marketing or design (when you need regular trusted team or online services)
Come or send to us your employees for online training (if you want to work efficiently and have a team you can trust)
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