If you have a gradient flooded in company profile in social networks – this is not yet “good brand identity”. “Handwriting” begins to appear when all points of contact have a common style, would it be a website, a banner, or even outdoor advertising. Then you can recognize the brand and remember – This are those guys. They are everywhere, not bad ) I should go to them again…

It is difficult to teach the client to recognize you only by color because the number of popular colors is limited. But we managed to do it in local examples if we are talking about a specific business niche, where there is no strong player in such colors.

And how do you think from what items from the picture should we start? From the main ingredient that remained behind the scene – a brand book or a simple brand style guide.

P.S. Of course, good packaging will only help to attract attention. Then everything depends on the product itself, because of the real opinion forms from the aftertaste. It’s like a man – you meet somebody and have one opinion about him, but when he left you either want to meet with him or not. The expensive suit does not affect it.

Create good brands and products and we will help you with good brand identity.