I`m still very excited about how it works: you plan texts, pages, letters, links, buttons (all automate clients journey) — execute it and BAMS 🌟 you hear messages in telegram channel: + $ 1, + $ 10, + $ 1, + 1 $, + 10 $. Especially nice that it works even when you sleep or spend time with loved ones. To be honest, it`s difficult to create such a system


Sometimes you need to try 2-3-5 times before it works. But more experienced you become, less time it takes. The Sales funnel I take in hands was created in 2 days, a year before it would have taken a month 💤

I like that when you`ve made a funnel system, the only task you have is to concentrate on making more and more traffic (more visitors). It is cool stuff! If you haven`t try sales funnels in your business – You should try it!