Here are 3 questions we should ask yourself before site creation:

  1. How do people get to my site? (How they will know about it?)
  2. What are those people? (What kind of people I want to bring on my site and what they would want to find there?)
  3. What next? (What should they do after visiting my site?)

I’ve gotten myself on the idea that web page is only part of the system, a piece of sales funnel, a funnel of inbound marketing and making a site without understanding all the funnel naive. You don’t need a site to have a site – you need it for some reason…

Sales are not always the main target, from the practice. There are businesses in which most sales make in Instagram, for example… My friend was ordering sushi yesterday from an Instagram profile without a need to jump at the web page!

Here are some ideas, why you could or should make a web page:

  • to creating brand visibility
  • to sales specific service by landing page
  • to sales of difficult and complex products, which have to be explained through benefits, feedbacks, tricks, infographic, etc.
  • to collect leads emails for email marketing
  • to have a place where you can find all the materials and information about your business
  • to put pixels and cookies for potential clients for sales, sales and remarketing
  • to have clear analytics through all your materials – what people like and dislike, what are they look and what offers they close immediately
  • to have one link for all you want to show the client
  • to turn on empathy and understanding your clients by watching analytics about clients profiles and screen recordings with visitors sessions on your web site (yes, you can do it with new instruments of analytics)
  • to grab SEO traffic, attracting part of the audience you can`t touch in social media, kind of people who read, not watch.
  • to sale B2B – this audience won`t be looking you in Instagram, they will look at web page as a face of the business do you have
  • to have a knowledge base for your team (lessons and instructions how it works)
  • to have a platform for reference exchange: you don`t need to leave clients you already made sales recommend them your partners who have other products for this target group. They will also recommend you and bring you new warm potential clients
  • to have a place for one-to-many content: you write an article right now but it can start to work after 3-6 month and after this, it can work for you years and give you clients. There were examples when one article could generate over 50% of sales for the business.

It’s not all «Reasons Why» for a web site, but it’s enough to start. What other reasons do you know and what is suitable for you?