My friends, I and my team finished part of the projects and ready to start the new spring-summer business season with new challenges

There was a chance even to work with hub:raum, and I so excited about it, because I love these guys. Happy to do something for the place which becomes my second home and for people, who helps tons of startups!

Now we are faster and more effective in web development, video production, sales funnel building, design and marketing consulting

I want to find fresh 2-3 clients and empower them in this season. Doesn’t matter would it be firm, entrepreneur, startup or man from the online-education business. We can do all you find here

My favorite 4 work formats:
1. You have a marketing budget but you cant hire and teach designer, programmer, marketer, copywriter, SMM-specialist – in that case, we discuss task log and you get the team working on you in price less than one good specialist on salary.

2. You have a budget to grow but don’t really sure how to invest it right. Would you be needed website, branding, SMM, maybe youtube or the problem is in project management? I will advise you how to be more effective with your budget and if we feel that my team can make it better, let’s do it

3. You value your time and tired from stupid non-professionals, you need to trust somebody and to be sure it will be done.

4. You already Pro in some area (maybe you run software house) and feel that more money is in more complex projects with skills you are not best. We can empower you with web-design, video, marketing, bots, analytics, etc. Giving the client more results you grow chances that he will come back and bring his friends.

The easiest way to start message me and tell about your project.
If you don`t know what to empower – send me your website or social media for a free audit. I will write you screencast and highlight grow points

So that is my style of invitation. If you are interested write to me now, if not – just be in touch, there will be much more interesting in this season