One of my favorite project formats: when an entrepreneur comes with a good idea but bad visualization, and we brainstorm together how to empower it, from product offer and landing page -> to sales funnel.

Now I will show you one of the fresh projects we working on and it will be interesting to hear your feedback – how its redesign (even from 1 screen), and what about all project idea, what would you improve and what is good enough?

We parking project here:

– Hey, what about people you put on the second screen?

– As the client told, they all told him “It`s a great idea, you should run it..” and most of them suggested to help

So, what status is now:

  1. Writing the first Rally tour program with calculation fixing English to more natural
  2. Postproduction of video with project history and values
  3. Starting sponsor collection and pre-lists to first rally participants.


Would it be interesting for you if I will show some new status updates of this and some other projects we do? If YES – let me know writing (plus) as a comment to post 🙂